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A Woman With a Basket

Liliana Kohann

A woman with a basket
A women with no face
A women bending forward
A woman with no faith

A women with a basket
Dead flowers in her hand
Look there, right there behind you!
She doesn’t understand

Fresh flowers grow behind her
Why can’t she look behind
She cries over her flowers
Oh, please, please turn around

A women with a basket
She slowly walks away
She never saw the flowers
Her basket was in the way

A women with a basket
Standing on a quilt
A women with a basket
A basket full of guilt.

During an art class, I felt like not painting what everybody else did. I felt like painting what my soul, my spirit, was begging me to paint. After I finished, I kept looking at it. I understood.
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Liliana Kohann is a writer, singer/songwriter, inspirational poet, filmmaker, and illustrator. "​A Thin Book of Fat Poems by Liliana Kohann is a wonderful book of poetry and journal entries that will take you on a journey of self-discovery. A perfect gift for any woman (or man) who wants to make powerful changes in her life and be entertained in the process...." —Reader's Favorite