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a poem about
Getting in shape

First I Must Wait

Liliana Kohann

I must wait
Until I
lose weight.

Oh, I would like to
dance with friends,
and go out to the lake,
meet some more people
who will inspire me,
but first I must get in shape.

Yeah, I would like to
play volley ball,
and maybe join a club,
go out hiking,
enjoy the fresh air,
but first I must lose this flab.

Oh, the ocean
sounds so tempting,
I would listen to its sounds.
I would love to walk bare-footed
upon the golden sand
but first I must lose these pounds.

But to tell you the truth
I am pretty tired
of all this waiting I do.
Why am I waiting?
What am I scared of?
What is the real truth?

“Nothing in nature disappears.”
That must be
what gives me a scare.
Where will my pounds go
if I lose them,
and what will appear,
and where?

What if the new me
would suddenly appear,
as evolved as a muse.
I would then have to
work on my dreams,
and I won’t have an excuse.

I could take a risk,
and I could believe
that I have all that it takes,  
Oh, I could do it,
and I will do it
but first (oh no!)
         I must get in shape.

"First I Must Wait" drawing by Liliana Kohann
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