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a poem about
Self-Mastery, Self-Discipline

How Did I Learn

Liliana Kohann

I learned to draw
by erasing.
I learned to walk
by falling.
I learned to win
by losing.
I learned to be happy
by allowing myself
to feel my pain.
I’ve become rich
by losing it all,
and confident
by being belittled.
I learned to live
by wanting to die.
I learn to persevere,
no matter what,
by surrender.
And how did I learned to love?
That one I’m still learning.
I would lie if I said I did.
As long as there is
the smallest sign
of judgment in me,
the smallest crumb
of jealousy,
a trace of unforgiveness,
the smallest waiver
of acceptance.
all I have learned is
        just the begining.

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