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Compassion and self-compassion

I Added One More Person

Liliana Kohann

My purpose                is and always
was  the same: to          serve Humanity.  
And even though I consider that purpose the
most fulfilling, after many years, I started feeling
I was missing something. My purpose is still the same.
However, I added something. I added one more person to
that list of Humanity. The person who somehow seemed
invisible to me before,  unimportant,  who consequently  
was   ignored   during   my   missions.  Now  I  added            
to the list of Humanity, as an equal. And somehow,
even though I added one more person to those I
serve, my work load seemed to lighten up
quite a bit. It’s a sense of peace, a
sense of fairness, a sense of
absolute fulfillment,
a sense of real,
global unity,
at last.

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