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In the Arms of a Lover

Liliana Kohann

In the arms of a lover
to float, to float
to kiss, to discover
a lot, a lot

The freedom of friendship
caress, caress
the words to express it
possess, possess

Careless, spontaneous
to be, to be
The eyes so in love
to see, to see

*Painting by Duy Huynh "Dance the Blues"
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Liliana Kohann is a writer, singer/songwriter, inspirational poet, filmmaker, and illustrator. "​A Thin Book of Fat Poems by Liliana Kohann is a wonderful book of poetry and journal entries that will take you on a journey of self-discovery. A perfect gift for any woman (or man) who wants to make powerful changes in her life and be entertained in the process...." —Reader's Favorite