The Healing Poems
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a poem about
Healing from abuse

Our Life Once Lived

Danny Michael Vaillancourt

​Daunting Romance, Our Game Of Darts,
That Lethal Touch - Prized Bleeding Heart.

Our Crumbled Home, Destructive Lies,
Broken Mirrors And Shattered Cries.

Your Toxic Rage, False Sense Of Care,
Reflection Through That Wicked Stare.

This Gilded Cage, Your Greatest Gift,
My Healing Wings Now Soar To Live.

Poem submitted on January 25, 2018. Danny is from Montréal, Canada. I really like this poem, and I like how he describes the painful past in titles. He wrote about his poem, "How the darkest days that broke me, would become the ones finding strength that I never knew." 

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