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Procrastination and Depression

Liliana Kohann

Procrastination and Depression
I can’t stand the two of you.
Procrastination and Depression
you ruin everything I do.

Every time I’m doing better,    
my heart fills with brand new hope,
you are standing right behind me,
ever tightening your black rope.

Yes, you overtake my body
like a virus, with no end.
All my positive intentions
are destroyed within your hands.

At times when I practice self-love,
and try treating myself well,      
you are right around the corner
and my self-love goes to hell.

Every time that I feel stronger
and I have a successful day,
you show up out of nowhere
and what's sad... I let you stay.

I have received a very nice email from Jurij Šoba from Ljubljana, Slovenia, with a translation of two of my poems. I don't know Slovenian but there are some similar words to my native language, Polish. I can see that Jurij translations is well done. It is quite difficult to translate poetry that rhymes, keeping the message and the rhyme as well. I am impressed and honored.


Pasivnosti in depresije,
se mi zdržati več ne da.
Pasivnosti in depresije,
ki delo vse uničita.

Vedno, ko sem malo bolje,
se v srcu upanje zbudi,
že sta vidva mi za hrbtom,
začutim črne stisk vrvi.

Preplavljata brez konca
kot virusi telo do dna.
Pozitivni vsi nameni
zdrobe se v vajinih rokah.

Ko dopovem si včasih,
ljubiti sebe treba je,
že čakata za voglom,
po gobe ta ljubezen gre.

Vedno kadar sem močnejši,
uspešen dan, se zdi, bo ta,
prikradeta se od nekod,
žal popustim: »Ostánita.«

LILIANA KOHANN ©Artpeace 2002
Translated by JURIJ ŠOBA from Slovenia

Drawing by Liliana Kohann
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