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Whose Fault Is It, Really?

Liliana Kohann

As my Mouth greedily crunches
those chocolate jelly beans,
my poor, over-exhausted Stomach
begs, and pleads, and moans... and screams,

“You selfish, disgusting Mouth Hole,
oh, how could you be so mean?!
Can’t you see?  I’m sick and tired,
of those chocolate jelly beans.”

“Well, I do enjoy them but
I hope that you understand,
that it is not my fault, really,
It is this Lady’s Hand!”

“Hand! How dare you be so cruel!”
yelled my Stomach, but in vain.
“It’s not me,” the Hand replied.
“It is this Lady’s Brain!”

“Ah, the Brain, you flabby traitor!
Well, at least you should know
that too many things at once
is not good. So stop that flow!”

But the Brain calmly answered,
“I am not the one to blame.
There’s a lost creature here
and Emotion is her name.”

“Well, Emotion, go away,
You destroy me, can’t you see?
I don’t want to eat those beans
They are not good for me!"

But Emotion rustled softly,
twisted, turned and hissed this sound:
“I would gladly disappear,
but first, please,
                       I must be found!”

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