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You Can

Liliana Kohann

You can dance when your soul desires to
or you can remain idle
to please others.
You can let others live your life
or you can live your life yourself.
You can be a foolish slave
to life’s circumstances
or you can be a wise man
who uses life’s circumstances
as a tool for growth
and betterment.
You can believe in yourself
or you can believe others
not believing in you.
You can let your free spirit
carry you through the mountains
or you can allow others
to keep your spirit
chained to the bottom of the valley.
You can accept the challenge of change
or you can choose the comfort
of misery.
in your own heart’s desires,
as it will be often obscured
by the desires of others.
your life
as chaos will destroy you.
on your path
as you will be pulled astray.
work toward your dream,
a little bit each day.
You Can.

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Liliana Kohann is a writer, singer/songwriter, inspirational poet, filmmaker, and illustrator. "​A Thin Book of Fat Poems by Liliana Kohann is a wonderful book of poetry and journal entries that will take you on a journey of self-discovery. A perfect gift for any woman (or man) who wants to make powerful changes in her life and be entertained in the process...." —Reader's Favorite