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Liliana Kohann

I think I was maybe seven
When I heard my teacher yell,
“You can’t enter the gates of heaven,
You’re the devil not a girl!”

Maybe I was on the wild side,
Living in my shattered world,
Way too scared to ask for guidance
Yet, in some ways way too bold
But I lived each day with passion
And if I didn’t…

       God, have mercy on my soul.

I have climbed many mountains,
I have walked forbidden trails,
I spent youth fighting for freedom,
Middle age… in a self-made jail.

I had days of joy and glory
Yet, at times I lived in shame
But I’ve learned to live my own life,
And now I can truly say
That I lived each day with passion,
And if I didn’t…

       God, have mercy on my soul.

When I walk my final distance
And I climb my final wall,
Once the angels bring me over
I will stand up, I will stand up really tall.

I will spread my hands apart,
Catching a glimpse of golden rays
Then I’ll look into the eyes of
My Creator, and I’ll say:

“You can tell me what You want to,
Did I sin? Oh, yes a lot
But whatever You placed before me
I gave everything I’ve got.”

Cause I lived each day with passion,
And if I didn’t…

       God, have mercy on my soul.

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