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To Lose a Day

Liliana Kohann

I can’t believe I’ve lost a day!
Oh God, how did it happen?
I thought I would do all these things,
and now it’s evening again.

And what did I do? I just wandered
from one place to another.
I wanted at least to take a nap,
and that I didn’t do either!

Now everybody is back at home,
the chaos of nighttime routine,
and I feel so bad that I wasted this day.
But actually, what do I mean?

To lose a day…  To waste a day…
Whose standards do I use?
Maybe it was what I needed,
maybe sometimes it’s good to lose.

Maybe because I’ve lost this day,
tomorrow will be found.
And by the way, if I hadn’t lost it
this poem would not be around.

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