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Two Creatures

Liliana Kohann

Oh, I am so talented,
And so many things I know
I can do this, I can do that
But the problem is - I don’t!

But it is not my fault, really.
This I swear. It is them!
Those two creatures that live here,
They’re the ones that bring this shame.

And I always struggle with them,
As one makes me work a lot.
Everything must be perfect,
And it is a waste if not.

Yet the other wicked creature,
Tells me how deprived she feels
Of all fun things, friends and laughter,
And how we waste all her skills.

So I argued, and I quarreled
Tried to get them out of sight,
But it never worked until I
Really listened to my heart.

And I finally understood
That they are a part of me
And since one must live with creatures,
Learn to live with them must he.

So instead of fighting with them
I began to learn their ways,
And I listened to their needs,
And what they both had to say.

Suddenly there was no quarrel
And I heard this nice, fair chat,
And I was so shocked how easily,
All my problems were worked out:

“Oh, I am so overwhelmed
With all the things that I must do.
Can you help me just a little?”
Said one creature. “Please, can you?”

“Yes, I can,” said the other,
“But when all the things are done,
Will you help me?” “Help with what?”
“With just having lots of fun.”

So when you have too much to do
And you don’t know where to start
Just sit down, and really listen,
To the creatures in your heart.

This poem is available in a book called "Two Creatures." It is a hard cover book for children with lots of whimsical illustration. You can buy it on Amazon HERE, or on my secure website HERE.

"Life can sometimes get very complicated. We want to have fun, but at the same time, there are things we must do. We are often torn between pleasure and responsibility. Freela is a fun-loving, free spirit who wants to enjoy life to its fullest with music, friends and lots of laughter; Dodette is a doer and always wants things done just so. It can be a tug of war between pleasure and responsibility, between Freela and Dodette. What is a person to do? How can one achieve a balance between these two opposing entities? Or, are they opposing? Can there be a compromise? The answer is deep within our hearts: a balance to maintain our sense of equilibrium between fun and responsibility.

Understanding this need for balance can be complicated and difficult for young readers. Liliana Kohann’s picture book story, Two Creatures, is a wonderful tool to help young readers. The two creatures, of course, are Freela and Dodette. And the boy caught in the middle could potentially be any one of us. With beautiful rhyming verse and imaginative, sometimes comical illustrations, this story will help young readers look deep into their own hearts to find solutions - to learn how to work together as Freela and Dodette learn to help each other; to learn how to resolve conflicts like Freela and Dodette learn how to compromise and help each other; and how to be imaginative and intuitive in solving difficult problems. A wonderful tool to help young readers understand themselves and others, too."
                                    --reviewed by Emily-Jane Hills Orford for Readers' Favorite
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If you liked the website, you'll love the book!

Liliana Kohann is a writer, singer/songwriter, inspirational poet, filmmaker, and illustrator. "​A Thin Book of Fat Poems by Liliana Kohann is a wonderful book of poetry and journal entries that will take you on a journey of self-discovery. A perfect gift for any woman (or man) who wants to make powerful changes in her life and be entertained in the process...." —Reader's Favorite