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People Say

Liliana Kohann

People say, “Anger is bad.
Don’t get upset, don’t get mad.
If you get angry, it’s not good at all.
You’d better get anger under control.”

And so I did that when I was seven.
I hid my anger from the eyes of heaven.
No matter what would happened to me,
I remained peaceful for the world to see.

I thought I had no anger but now I clearly see,
that this hidden anger kept growing within me.
Each human emotion is just like a child
it needs our attention and a loving heart.

So I noticed my anger, accepted its rage,
allowed it to speak up, wrote page after page.
And I learned something special, that anger can be
a source of inspiration, and resource for me.

People say spiritual beings are what we are.
But I’m simply a human with all of my sides,
spiritual, physical, love and anger too.
Would a rainbow be a rainbow

                                  if it only had blue?

Here is a song about anger. I wrote it a while ago to teach my children ​about the importance of accepting one another and about the deeper meaning of anger.

Sailing Lullaby, ENGLISH VERSION:

Sailing Lullaby, POLISH VERSION:

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