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a poem about
Self Esteem, Self Worth

And the Mirror Said

Liliana Kohann

And the mirror said to her:


Oh, you are so beautiful, so talented,

Gentle, loving and smart.

You are so gracious, humble and giving,

The brightest star in my night.


You are so gifted and so creative.

Oh, what a pretty sight.

Look how you care for all His small creatures.

Look how you carry His light.


You are so fun and so attractive.

Oh, how I love your sincere eyes.

You are so tender and so accepting,

And yes, so very wise.


Just like a child, sweet and vulnerable,

Daring to go to the end.

Yet you’re the greatest teacher and mother,

The greatest soul mate and friend.


There’s only one thing that is wrong:

Why is it that you don’t see

Any of those beautiful things

when you                                

              are looking

                                     at me.”  

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