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a poem about
Healing from abuse

As My Vision Keeps Improving

Liliana Kohann

I see three dimensions
you see only two
I see all colors of the rainbow
you see only blue

I see the heart behind a deed
you see only a deed
I see the flower on a nettle
you see just a weed.

I see the glow around a light
you see only light
I see magic in the night time
you see only night.

I see love in an old man’s eyes
you see just old age
I see pain behind the anger
you see only rage.

As my vision keeps improving,
my horizon clears
You see comfort and convenience
I see, through my tears,

one small thing right by your side,
that I don’t want to see.
It’s been there way too long.
And that thing is — me!

I also wrote music to this poem and made this music video which is one of my favorite,

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