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Deeply Pressed

Liliana Kohann

I have been depressed.

Deeply pressed.
So pressed that I couldn’t see
who was the one
that was pressing me.

One day in my bedroom
I turned on the light,
and that’s when I saw it.
What a scary sight!

It looked just like...
oh no, it can’t be!
Human hair, nose, eyes,
and...  it was looking at me!

I picked up a hammer
and hit it, it was weird.
It made the strangest sound
and then... it disappeared.

Since then I’ve been happy,
but now and then I step
on a piece of broken glass
from the mirror by my bed.


I have received a very nice email from Jurij Šoba from Ljubljana, Slovenia, with a translation of two of my poems. I don't know Slovenian but there are some similar words to my native language, Polish. I can see that Jurij translations is well done. It is quite difficult to translate poetry that rhymes, keeping the message and the rhyme as well. I am impressed and honored.


Sem v stisko zašel.

Bil sprešan,
deprimiran hudo
in nisem vedel,
kdo me tlači tako.

Nekoč v moji sobi
ko luč sem prižgal,
tedaj, jojme groza,
sem krivca spoznal!

Prav isti kot…
Oh ne, pa saj ni res!
Oči v mé strmé,
lasje, nos, par ušes!

Sem zgrabil kladivo,
udaril. Zvok je spustíl,
preden je izginil,
prav čuden, grozljiv.

Od takrát sem srečen,
vendár pa slej ko prej,
še kakšen kos zrcala
pohodim v sobi tej.

LILIANA KOHANN ©Artpeace 2002
Translated by JURIJ ŠOBA from Slovenia

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