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Liliana Kohann

Today my name is Doubt.
I doubt all that I can.
I doubt my right to dream,
and even my own name.

I doubt my faith in God,
what He is all about.
I doubt my own existence,
I even doubt the doubt.

There’s only one small thing
that I don’t doubt today,
and that’s the fact that sometimes,
some doubting is OK.

Yes, like I say in the poem above, "some doubting" is OK. Doubt is really not all so bad. What is doubt? For me "doubt" is like a little inner compass. If I feel the doubt in me, I try to examine it: is it my false fear or is it a reasonable warning sign? Is it my gut feeling telling me something, or maybe it's a sign that I must work on something within myself?
Doubt to me means that there is a need for more questions.


I do believe that it is important to find answers to those questions. If the doubt is only based on our false fear, it can make us misjudge something or worse, misjudge somebody. It may limit us from experiencing our best life or from reaching our true potential.
So doubt can be good. Yet, there is a different kind of doubt, the doubt that sometimes takes over.

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