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Liliana Kohann

Life on earth is a confusion.

Happiness is a distant illusion.

Hope is a tiny grain of sand,

Yet it is here, right in my hand.


I open my palm slowly, and all that I see

Is this one grain of sand from some far far sea.

All in me wants to quit, no strength to go on...

Yet, to this one small seed of hope

    I choose to

              hold on.

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Liliana Kohann is a writer, singer/songwriter, inspirational poet, filmmaker, and illustrator. "​A Thin Book of Fat Poems by Liliana Kohann is a wonderful book of poetry and journal entries that will take you on a journey of self-discovery. A perfect gift for any woman (or man) who wants to make powerful changes in her life and be entertained in the process...." —Reader's Favorite