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In Search of Trust

Nathalie D'Arcangelo

I have hunted down the elusiveness of Trust
At times, a shadow of it crossing my path
Most of the time It hid amidst the jungle of my life.

Armed with courage, I continued my search for Trust.
Evasive though it was beneath the minds and hearts
Of those, who had also misplaced Trust.

Each of us shielded by the enemy that we embraced.
Fear and disappointment-our disguise.
Oh!!How that angered and saddened me.

Until' I was older and wiser, to seek Trust within myself,
Only then, Willing to forgive so that I could heal
And have gratitude for uncounted blessings
Did I learn that others were also searching for Trust.

As I began to see a glimmer of it in those who I
Believed had failed my yearning,
With open eyes, love and forgiveness
​I now know that I can close the door of fear
That had kept me a stranger to Trust.

Published in TheHealingPoems on March 23, 2020
Nathalie wrote: "'In Search of Trust" reflects my life struggles for eighty three years, searching for my Inner child."'

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